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We understand that you need lead generation beyond our biennial events, partner with us to enhance your brand and elevate your marketing strategy.

Work with kbb Birmingham to enhance your 2021 marketing strategy

  • Are you looking to generate valuable leads?

  • Are you looking to reach new audiences?

  • Are you looking to reach KBB retailers in specific UK regions?

  • Are you looking for a platform to launch your latest product to the UK KBB Industry?

  • Is your brand focussing on enhancing your content strategy by creating new content, or aligning your brand to leading content?

Create a bespoke campaign with us designed to achieve your individual business needs.


Your Opportunities

kbb Birmingham has access to an extensive database within and beyond the KBB community, a wide range of channels and experts that can work with you take your brand to new heights by creating unique campaigns, designed to achieve the objectives of your brand.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Place your brand in front of new customers via our multi-channel marketing approach. We will work with you to create a unique campaign to communicate your message across our channels, putting your brand to the forefront of the KBB Industries minds, all in your own unique style.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We’ll create targeted campaigns designed to ensure your messaging reaches only the most appropriate contacts. Our database comprises of decision-makers, buyers, specifiers, and leaders in the KBB industry – ensuring you get valuable leads from customers interested in your products and services.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Promote your bespoke products and services through thought-provoking content, aligning your brand to industry leaders through kbb Birmingham. We can work with you to optimise and reuse your existing content or you can collaborate with us on brand new content pieces.

Who can you reach?

Kbb Birmingham has an extensive database of Retailers, Manufacturers, Interior Designers, Property Builders and Developers, Contractors, Distributors and Wholesalers of which we can segment based on which product categories they are most interested in – making sure your message is going straight to the right people, ensuring you receive the most valuable and high quality leads.

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Social Media

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Download our Digital Marketing Solutions pack to discover each of the opportunities available to your business, and more details on the channels that will get your brand in front of new customers.

What could your bespoke campaign look like?

Campaign Calendar

From a social media takeover, to a sponsored newsletter, to a 6-month tailored campaign – kbb Birmingham will work closely with you to create a package that is closely aligned with your objectives. Remember, you can work with us on elevating your marketing without any obligation to exhibit at kbb Birmingham.

Want to reach the global KBB community, and more, all year round? Download Digital Opportunities pack and get in touch with us to discuss how we can achieve your business objectives. We can’t wait to hear from you.