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4 KBB Digital Marketing Tips To Boost Revenue


Now, more than ever, brands are having to consider the efficacy of their online marketing strategy in order to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the KBB industry. With this in mind, kbb Birmingham have teamed up Freddie McGrath, Head of Digital Marketing at Compusoft, to craft a quick and easy guide to nailing KBB digital marketing techniques. Our four easy-to-follow tips are sure to boost your online presence and, ultimately, increase revenue for your business. 

1. Understand your audience

It sounds like an obvious piece of advice but it’s an integral one. One of the biggest mistakes made by businesses new to KBB digital marketing is to jump headfirst, all guns blazing, without any real thought or consideration into who they are targeting with their messaging. Planning is an essential stage to getting it right, as Freddie McGrath from Compusoft rightly points out. 

Researching where your customers spend their time online is crucial and tools as basic as Google Analytics can you show you where else they spend their time online,” he says.

Understanding where your audience spends their time online is important; this is where you’ll want to target them. Do they look for reviews online or discuss suppliers on chat rooms? Do they search for inspiration on Instagram before finding the right manufacturer? Knowing the answers to these questions gives you a solid platform from which to base your strategy. 

The research doesn’t stop there though. You might also consider analysing your competitors – how are they marketing themselves online. Do they harness any techniques that you can learn from? What aren’t they providing their customers with that you potentially can?  

Also looking at competitors or trade magazines and the channels they may use to get their message out to the audience can be used. I also use SEMRush, which is mostly for SEO research but now has some really good research tools that covers social, PPC and display of competitors,” Freddie explains. 

2. One size doesn’t fit all on social

Social media is a fantastic tool for growing your audience, promoting new products and collections, gauging customer needs and much more. However, not every channel is necessarily right for your audience. There are various factors that might urge your audience’s choices and leanings, whether they be towards Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere.

Tapping into the channels that interest your community is a sure way to successful KBB digital marketing. The trick is to research, test and analyse. Look at how your social channels are faring for engagement, test certain types of content across them and analyse the results. Adjust your output accordingly. 

We recently teamed up with the KBB Review to launch a quarterly design competition entirely on social media and I find that Instagram works particularly well for engagement here,” says Compusoft Marketing Director, Freddie McGrath.  

This serves the purpose of engaging our current customers and using their own great designs to showcase what our software is capable of doing,” he explains.  

3. Think about the customer journey

When it comes to PPC, conducting thorough keyword research is a must. More specifically, finding keywords that consider the phase in the customer’s journey will help provide clarity and impact to your campaigns.  

It will really help to distinguish between those simply looking for inspiration and those looking online with the intention to buy. Your messaging to these groups will be very different. Those browsing will require a more subtle approach; stirring their interest with gripping copy and prompting them to learn more. Further down the funnel you’ll be able to apply a more direct approach with clear call to actions that push them to book a consultation or buy now. 

Spend the time researching the keywords for different phases of a customer’s journey; are they searching for inspiration or do they know what they need? Then start using specific terms to search for exactly what they need to short-list suppliers/tools,” Freddie recommends.   

Above all, make sure that you are providing a solution to the user’s problem; “Ensure you direct them to the right page on your website is important,” he says.  

4. Don’t skimp on content 

Many businesses neglect to make their own original content, thinking that this is a waste of time and unlikely to bring any tangible benefit to them. This is a big mistake for several reasons. Building a rich catalogue of rich and useful content brings people to your website, improves your SEO and ranking on Google, whilst marking you out as an authority in your field.  

Freddie McGrath recalls how Compusoft have been building up their content in various ways: “I was lucky enough to find a great freelancer who knows the KBB industry really well and can create good quality content on a regular basis, such as articles and guides on current trends and topics.”  

Case studies also work particularly well in these channels, as people like to read about others similar to them to learn more about how they can be successful,” he concludes.

To find out more about kbb Birmingham’s digital offerings, download the sales pack with details of our bespoke solutions.  

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