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5 Digital Marketing Tips To Boost Your Online KBB Profile


kbb Birmingham have teamed up with Roca, Spanish producer of bathroom products, to create 4 failsafe tactics to enhance your online presence and help you to reach customers more effectively via digital channels. With help from Saoirse Walsh Communications Executive and Indra Sinkeviciute, Marketing Executive at Roca, we’ll be covering the basics of kbb digital marketing and demystifying concepts of social media strategy, SEO optimisation and website arrangement.

1. Gauge your SEO Status

While it can be tempting to ‘press go’ and immediately begin implementing optimisation plans across your website, a better place to start is with an audit. This will determine how you’re currently ranking on search engines such as Google. This is your opportunity to identify your areas of weakness and strength. This, in turn, should steer your decisions going forward.

“When searching, 75% of people will stay on the first page of online results, so you can understand how important it is and even better if you can appear within the top 3 or 4 results which will see traffic to your site increase,” says Sinkeviciute.  

2. Don't Forget Meta-tags and Descriptions

After you’ve gained a better understanding of your SEO status, you’ll want to start optimising the landing pages on your website. Optimisation might sound straightforward but there are several elements to consider and finetune.  

This can be done with eye-capturing visual content, high quality written copy with targeted keywords and excellent meta-tags and descriptions. This is an incredibly effective way to boost your online presence and increase visibility,” explains Sinkeviciute. 

Many companies put a huge focus on keyword targeting but forget to include metatags and descriptions to their webpages a small but detrimental mistake to make. Meta tags provide data to search engines and website visitors about your page. Having clear and useful meta-tags makes it easier for search engines to determine what your content is about, and thus are vital for SEO. 

3. Go Granular with your Audience Targeting

It can be tempting to cast your net wide by trying to communicate with all of your potential customers at once, but in doing so you run the risk of delivering messaging that’s not poignant to any of them. Narrowing down your target audience can help bring clarity and emphasis to your copy.

Targeting the wrong audience is one of the most common mistakes made when setting up a digital marketing campaign. Trying to reach a very broad audience might be a waste of time and money and instead you should be more specific when deciding on your target audience. This way, you can provide relevant content to a specific group of people and achieve the best results possible,” says Walsh.  

Consider doing some research to discover what the majority of your previous customers have in common - consider factors such as: job title, reason for purchasing, geographical location, age, size of company etc. Do the same across your different social channels, as your audiences may differ slightly depending on the platform they're using.

4. Create a Space for Audience Specific Content

Once you’ve identified your key audiences, provide them with a space for to seek knowledge about your product, find useful industry information and receive targeted messaging that’s pertinent to them.  

On our new website, we have dedicated professional section for architects, interior designers, specifiers and installers, which provides details on our CPD programme, BIM objects, technical catalogues and installation manuals. We filter this information through our social media accounts which supplies our customers with helpful guidance, practical information and engaging content from the industry,” divulges Sinkeviciute.

5. Get Creative on Social with Collaborations

Social media is your friend, it’s your space to boost brand awareness, share company news, promote new products and generate leads. It can be easy to get stuck in a monotonous cycle of scheduling the same sort of posts, which can cause content fatigue for your followers. Try to organise a few exciting campaigns during the year to pique the interest of your audience. Collaborations, in particular, are a fantastic way to reach new audiences, according to the Roca team.  

Whether it’s with an organisation that serves your industry or a key recognisable figure in the field, make sure that they are relevant to your brand and serve the audience you are trying to communicate with,” Walsh recommends.  

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