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Kitchen & Bathroom Trends 2021: Analysing Fixr's Latest Report


It’s widely agreed that the kitchen and bathroom are the most integral areas of the home – both in terms of functionality and comfort. Understanding the behavioural choices of KBB experts around these two rooms is therefore vital to ensuring the prosperity of KBB suppliers and retailers. Based on the recent release of Fixr’s Kitchen and Bathroom Report 2021 – a survey they send out to top designers and industry professionals each year – we summarise the key findings and highlight how you might apply them to your business strategy going forward.

The key findings included: 

  • 54% of experts choose mix-and-match metals as a key kitchen design trend for 2021 
  • Quartz and quartzite top the list of kitchen countertop materials, with 78% of the vote 
  • An increased interest in gourmet kitchens has translated into higher-end appliances 
  • Touchless features are sought-after Smart technologies for both kitchens and bathrooms 
  • 78% of experts agree that there is an increased interest in easy-to-clean surfaces 
  • Spa elements will be the strongest bathroom trend in 2021, say 53% of experts

A Deeper Look… Kitchen Trends 2021

When asked about kitchen trends, it was agreed by 54% of the participants in Fixr’s survey that mix-and-match metals would be a huge trend for 2021. Meanwhile, smart appliances (38%), Quartzite countertops (38%) and three-tone palettes (23%) came in closely after. 

Countertop materials

Top kitchen countertop materials being favoured by those that answered the Fixr survey were as follows: 45% Quarts, 33% Quartzite, 6% ceramic slab, 5% marble and 3% granite.  

Smart kitchen trends 

In regards to what the most important smart kitchen trends would be this year, 62% of Fixr’s survey participants thought that touchless faucets would top the list. Meanwhile, smart refrigerators (54%) and smart ovens (28%) and smart bulletin boards (12%) would prove most popular.  

Other trends

One of the most notable points to come out of Fixr’s latest report revolved around easy-to-clean surfaces, with 78% of experts saying that this would eb a focus this year. 

kbb Birmingham thinks: 

Considering the happenings of the past year, it comes as no surprise to us that touchless faucets are one trend to top the list from kitchen designers. With many of us being more hygiene conscious than ever before, we believe that more touchless appliances may pop up in the coming years.  

Grohe's Patrick Speck concurs with this view in a Dezeen article: "Consumers are looking for solutions such as touch-less products," he said. "It's not a new topic for us at Grohe because we have had touchless products in our portfolio for both private and public application for years."  

Similarly, with the average person spending far more time at home, cooking and relaxing, it makes perfect sense for demand for easy-to-clean surfaces being on the up. While white kitchen countertops look great in a magazine, these are not suitable for everyday living – nor are porous materials. We expect to see a far higher demand for easy-to-wipe, non-staining materials being used across the kitchen environment.  

A Deeper Look… Bathroom Trends 2021

When asked about bathroom trends, it was agreed by 53% of the participants in Fixr’s survey thought that spa-like bathrooms would be the ‘next big thing’ for 2021. Meanwhile, black accents (44%), multi-tile patterns (34%) and layered patterns (25%) came were also highly regarded by the experts questioned. Introducing plants was mentioned by 15% as an emerging trend for bathrooms as well.

Statement makers 

Fixr’s survey went on to ask about the best elements to make a statement in the bathroom – results were as follows: 32% natural stone walls/counters, 32% bold coloured shower tiles, 31% bold coloured cabinets, 18% accent wall and 12% mosaic tile.  

Tile trends 

In regards to what bathroom tiles would be trending this year, 43% of Fixr’s survey participants thought that bold marble tiles would prove most popular. Meanwhile, bold repeating patterns (38%) and ceramic mosaics (32%) and wood look (16%) would be popular in bathrooms for 2021.  

Smart bathrooms trends

When asked about smart features in the bathroom, 53% said touchless toilets would become important. Following that touchless faucets (50%), smart mirrors (35%), Bluetooth speakers (27%) and voice activated lighting (15%) would emerge as trends in this room. 

kbb Birmingham thinks: 

The bathroom was once considered a space for functionality alone, but over the last few years general perceptions have changed. With Pinterest and magazines presenting pictures of luxurious, hotel-like bathrooms as the norm, it follows that an increased demand for this style at home would be imminent. We think this trend may progress even further, with demand for free standing baths and furniture such as chaise lounges increasing too. 

Regarding tiles, while Fixr’s survey makes some astute points about patterning, we are left wondering - what about size? As highlighted in Forbe’s recent tile-focused article, oversized tiles seem to be creeping into bathroom designs lately. We wonder if going bold with larger tiles might make installation quicker, and therefore seem more enticing as a design choice – only time will tell.

It comes as no surprise that touchless features have been noted as highly important in the bathroom space. Much like the kitchen, this a breeding ground for germs and society’s boosted consciousness around this has led to a demand for touchless appliances. While elements such as smart mirrors have been ‘on the scene’ for a while, we can see such items ever increasing in popularity.

To read the full Fixr report on Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling Trends for 2021, visit their website

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