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Are you looking to launch products, generate leads and enhance your brand awareness? kbb Birmingham gives your brand the opportunity to showcase and launch your products in front of 14,600+ active buyers within the KBB community. No other event gives you a platform to do business on this scale.



100 Countries

Gain Valuable Contacts

Generate Leads

Kbb Birmingham gives your business the platform to interact with actively specifying clients generating valuable business leads. The scale of the event attracts thousands of visitors, ensure your business will be in front of them.

Align your brand to kbb Birmingham

Align with kbb Birmingham

A wealth of sponsorship opportunities are available for you to align your brand with the largest KBB event in the UK. Discover what opportunities your brand can secure by downloading our sales brochure here.

Who can you meet?

Retailers  |  Installers  |  Architects  |  Designers  |  Property Developers  |  Buyers  |  Project Managers  |  Contractors  |  Housebuilders  |  Engineers  |  Estate Managers and more

Actively Sourcing in these Sectors

Residential  |  Retail  |  Commercial  |  Public Sector/Local Authority  |  Hotel/Hospitality  |  Leisure/Enternainment

2022 Exhibitors

2022 Exhibitors

Live events like kbb are hugely important to BLANCO, to engage with new customers and interact with our current customer base.
Showing people our new products and innovations face to face is so impactful, it’s great to see the reactions
to the products and get direct feedback.

John Robinson, Marketing Manager, Blanco UK

Representatives attend from

Our attendees include

Bespoke Digital Solutions

Your year-round access to the KBB community

Through partnering with kbb Birmingham you can enhance your brand and elevate your 2021 marketing strategy to generate valuable leads,  to ceach new audiences, launch your latest collection, cnhancing your content strategy and target specific regions.

Elevate Your Marketing

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Content Creation

Content Creation

Discover how you can create bespoke campaign designed to achieve your individual business needs, 365 days a year.

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