Beckermann Kuchen GmbH

Tradition & innovation

Based on more than 120 years of experience, we take advantage of leading-edge technological developments and incorporate current market trends in our concepts. Precise knowledge of the past, present and future of the sector leads to innovative products.

Competence & commitment

The company's competence is put into practice, tried and tested and further developed over and over again every day. Personal commitment provides the impetus. We apply this philosophy in our responsible approach to dialogue and products.

Quality & product stewardship

We guarantee high quality systematically. Our kitchens are manufactured and controlled by master craftsmanship. The combination of perfect organisation and skilfully devised concepts results in functionally and stylistically sophisticated products.

Full service & good culture of conversation

A good business relationship and kitchen ergonomics have a lot in common: everything relies on a good rapport, smooth interaction and accessibility. Each of our internal sales representatives wholly takes charge of consultancy and is your personal contact - ranging from technology & planning to punctual delivery of the goods.

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10 Tenstedter Str. 50
D-49692 Cappeln