Cosentino Bathrooms

The Dekton® Bathroom Collection features unique wash basins and shower trays in a range of designs, which are made to order based on the needs of each customer.  Dekton® by Cosentino ultra-compact surfaces can also be used for vanity tops, wall cladding or flooring in the bathroom.  Thanks to its large slab format, an open plan design can be covered using the smallest number of slabs and joins for greater continuity.

The Silestone® Bathroom Collection offers a range of wash basins and shower trays, whilst Silestone® by Cosentino quartz surfaces can also be used for bathroom worktops, as well as wall and floor cladding.  The Silestone® wash basin collection features a range of designs, available in all Silestone® colours for endless customisation.  Its shower trays meet high standards of anti-slip safety and can be adapted to the space available.