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If you’ve ever dreamt about engineered stone that meets the strictest environmental impact regulations, your dream has come true: Quartzforms offers reliable products that are already a source of inspiration for architects and designers. Product, technology and territory supporting the stone evolution. Quartzforms has a production space of 120000 sqm in Magdeburg, a location that meets all logistical requirements thanks to its efficient transport network like motorway, rail and the nearby port on the River Elba. The site covers a total area of 112869 sqm, and is fully developed and connected to the main road via its own access road. The complex of buildings comprises of the 500 metre long and up to 18metre high production hall with integrated laboratory, social building and pilot plant, as well as the adjacent administrative building. Designed as the perfect completion of man’s space, Quartzforms has successfully completed its ambitious project: the creation of a perfect surface.

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Quartzforms - The stone evolution made in Germany
THE MISHAPS EP1: Food stains
THE MISHAPS EP2: Thermal shock
THE MISHAPS EP3: Damaged kitchen top
THE MISHAPS EP4: Blob of silicone
THE MISHAPS EP5: Knife blade marks
THE MISHAPS EP6: Marks and stains