Mainsboost iBoost

Inadequate flow rates and water pressure are common for many properties, often resulting in underperforming showers and water-using appliances. iBoost offers a solution. These fully integrated systems combine a 200 litre cold water storage tank and a high performance, multistage pump to overcome restricted water flow and insufficient pressure.

The iBoost F200 and V200 typically operate at 60 litres/minute at 3.0 bar pressure, which is more than adequate for multiple appliances. iBoost units are available in fixed or variable speed control options and for even greater capacity, the iBoost +200 water storage tank, featuring a high flow fill valve effectively doubles capacity.

With a high gloss white front panel, an iBoost unit will not look out of place amongst other appliances in a kitchen or utility room. This reliable and compact system is WRAS approved and will sit neatly within any standard 600 mm kitchen larder cupboard and does not require large ventilation clearance gaps.

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