Stuart Water Conditioners

To ensure the property, pipework or appliances remain limescale free, Stuart Turner offer a range of tried and tested, WRAS approved Water Conditioners. From a mini version designed for single point of use, such as a shower head through to commercial variants capable of processing 1260 litres/min.

Stuart Water Conditioners use an electrolytic action to treat water and contain a unique alloy core that acts as a catalyst, causing the calcium carbonate to precipitate into microscopic crystals without adhering to any surfaces, ensuring that boilers and appliances remain scale free and efficient for many years, with the added bonus that water remains drinkable straight from the tap.

Unlike traditional water softeners which require space, bags of salt and the added expense of installing a drinking water tap, Stuart Water Conditioners offer a cost effective solution which are simply installed in-line with the incoming pipework without taking up valuable space. Simple, cost effective and maintenance free!