Virtual Worlds by Logicom

Leading interactive design software provider for kbb retailers, Virtual Worlds will be showcasing the latest developments in its 3D and 4D technology, including the innovative virtual reality platform 4D Theatre. 

Marking a revolution in how consumers buy kitchens and bathrooms with spatial awareness and customer engagement unique to the kbb industry, 4D Theatre provides an immersive design experience within the showroom environment, while simplifying the planning, pricing and ordering process. The technology delivers amazing results by allowing the customer to explore and try out their proposed new kitchen or bathroom, before they buy. 

With the introduction of a money back guarantee, Virtual Worlds is offering kbb retailers the opportunity to increase their sales by 30% using 4D Theatre, or receive a 100% refund. This enables retailers to try this ground-breaking design software for themselves and take full advantage of all that it has to offer with absolutely no risk.

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1 Portland Drive
MK15 9JW
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom


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