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TW Taiwan
Stand No: F70

Caware is a global leader in professional filtration segment with advanced & innovated technology in manufacturing & products development. We continue to offer the earth the green, safe, economic & reliable water filter solutions and services with global standards. Through our safe, simple and advanced filtration technologies we have become known for safe and healthy water purification technologies. Our quality production lines provide filtration technologies for residential, commercial, beverage companies, industrial, hospitality, home appliances, scientific, medical, laboratory, grey-water and HVAC application needs etc.

DE Germany
Stand No: M119
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: N138

EVOline®, designed and manufactured by Schulte Elektrotechnik, is connecting and protecting people and their equipment wherever power, charging, data, multimedia is required, in kitchens, offices, hotels, conference rooms, schools, universities, etc.

EVOline®, Design and function, made in Germany.

See EVOline® applications and the range at www.evoline.co.uk

CN China
Stand No: DIG PAV 16

Please note, this company will not have a physical presence at the show and is now part of the International Digital Pavilion

IVANCI is a group company including 3 divisions,

- Fanyun Youshang is committ to the Automatic toilets

- Yifan is committ to the plumbing and gas supplies

- Yikang is committ to the heating systerm supplies

The business mainly covers UK and other European countries, the products are approved with WRAS, CE EN331, Keymark and other relative approvals.