Biggest design trends for 2018


Fledgling designers and well-established names alike descended on Milan’s Salone del Mobile to see which trends are set to unfold in 2018. The KBB team combed the renowned furniture fair to get the lowdown…

Block colours

Pastels, primaries and every hue in between was seen at the show, but the focus was on block colours and Eurocucina truly embodied the trend. Franke showcased the Smart Deco collection, where classic design met playful pastels that were crafted with the combined single living space in mind. Meanwhile, Smeg’s iconic fridges took bold to the next level, displaying a range of statement fridge and cooker appliances.



Left to right: Franke, Smeg


Physical and mental wellbeing joined forces and took precedence across the show. Biophilia remained a prominent trend across all design elements, while Preciosa lighting wowed visitors with an enchanting ‘breath of light’ installation. Dornbracht dominated Salone del Bagno with a spa trail that explored myriad uses of water while showcasing the transformation from bathroom to private spa.




Left to right: Preciosa ‘A Breath of Light’, Dornbracht (photo credit to livingetc)


Debuting at Galleria Rossana Orlani at this year’s Milan Design Week, Nada Debs illustrated many layers of humanity through her ‘handmade and heart made’ collection: Up Close and Personal. Bringing contemporary sensibility to traditional wood marquetry, Nada also utilised her collection as a platform for cultural exchange.


Nada Debs, Up close and Personal


Nada Debs, Up close and Personal  

More is more

More colour, more texture and more fun – maximalism made a statement in Milan. Missoni Homes’ ‘Horoscope’ collection featured zoomorphic figures and geometric ideograms – the juxtaposition of bold colours against grayscale patterns created a stunning piece. Presenting the new ‘Sicily is my love’ collection, Smeg’s partnership with Dolce & Gabbana curated a bespoke range of Italian style appliances, transforming iconic into an objet d’art.


Missoni Home, Smeg vs Dolce & Gabbana

Image: Smeg vs Dolce & Gabbana