Celmac Wirquin - UK Manufactured toilet seats

Celmac Wirquin : Tried and trusted since 1890 Celmac Wirquin is one of the leading toilet seat manufacturers in the UK. It produces over 1 million pieces a year to a wide range of design and technical specifications. Celmac Wirquin is historically renowed for the 1930’s black crescent shaped school seat with the gap in the front (Crescent), as well as setting the BS1254 Type 1 (Sonata) and the BS1254 Type 2 (Emerald) which are still manufactured at the Doncaster based plant. Alongside the more traditional designs, Celamc Wirquin also offers contemporary seat designs including bespoke images. As a leading manufacturer, Celamac Wirquin offers a wide choice of material (thermoset, thermoplastic and MDF) as well as a wide range of hinges, including smooth close and quick release   functions to match any customer requirements.