Colin Wong to reveal new concept at kbb Birmingham


Award-winning kitchen and bathroom designer Colin Wong is set to reveal his new concept, "The Rock" at kbb Birmingham this year, exploring the potential of permanence and impermanence within kitchen furniture and materials.

Colin Wong

The revolutionary concept will be brought to life at kbb, and is sure to attract a lot of attention from the entire industry. Colin explained in more depth, 'The concept is the creation of bespoke kitchen sculptures designed to connect with the surrounding architecture. Sculpt your personalised 'rock' then cloak it with your selected material, and finally 'slot-in' your cabinetry. Quality cabinets can be simply interchanged through the generations whilst the rock remains as your bespoke commissioned sculpture."


Four leading material suppliers have been chosen to help transform "The Rock" into a reality at kbb this year. The suppliers will fabricate, deliver and install each in a series of 'Rocks' to be displayed at the show. Read below for some more background on the participating companies.



Cosentino are a global, family-owned company who produce and distribute high value, innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture - pioneering leading brands which create unique spaces and designs. 'Arctic' will be the rock produced by Cosentino at kbb.



Leading providers of branded surfacing solutions and the world's largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate surfaces. Formica's network of design, manufacture, distribution and sales operations maintains their recognition as a global brand. 'looking Glass' is the rock which will be created by Formica.



Launched in 2010, Neolith's aim is to provide an innovative response to the architecture and interior design sectors - a material with extraordinary characteristics which are appropriate for a range of products. Neolith will be bringing the 'Corten' rock to life at the show.

The Rock


CDUK (Corian)

Sole distributors of Corian surfaces in the UK for more than 30 years, CDUK are responsible for making the material manufacturers the houshold name they are today. CDUK will be supplying the 'Infinity' rock.


Rot Punkt

Natural ambassadors of the "Made in Germany" standard, Rot Punkt design kitchens that have an ambition to cater for the trends of the future rather than the trends of today, and will be providing the kitchen furniture for the different 'Rocks' at kbb.


Leyton Lighting

Leyton lighting will be in charge of all the lighting solutions on the series of 'Rocks'. The company from Essex provide innovative lighting for domestic, retail and commercial sectors, from cabinet and display lighting to pop up sockets and charging solutions.


Colin will be unveiling the concept at 11am on the first day of kbb Birmingham - be sure to head over to "The Rock" on Stand M120 in Hall 18 for the big reveal. If you haven't yet registered for your ticket to kbb, you can still get it here. Keep in touch with us on Twitter using @kbblive and #futurekbb, where you can find an exclusive teaser of one of the Rocks in production.