Demand from international exhibitors, greater than ever before...


As the UK’s largest gathering of the world’s best kitchen, bedroom and bathroom brands, kbb Birmingham 2016 has not only increased by 35%, hosting the largest show since 2008, but will also exhibit more international brands than ever before.

Sales Director at kbb, Jon Johnston says, “The bigger than expected demand for space at kbb 2016 reflects that the market is an exciting one, not just in terms of the volume of demand for product, but the demand for innovative product design and function.” Visitors will therefore gain a greater insight into the international realm of trends, innovations and logistics within the industry, including a range of new and returning international brands; Scavolini, Sottini, Mcbath, Bora, Arredo3, Menage + Comfort, Drewpol, Leicht Kitchens and Störmer.

Here’s an insight into some of our international exhibitors:

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Störmer Kitchens 

Störmer Kitchens – Visitors will see an array of impressive new Störmer range additions and the latest technology, as they will be showcasing the latest innovations for its UK premiere at kbb Birmingham. Super sleek handle-less Bergamo will take centre stage, in a mix of vibrant and neutral tones with a distinctive velvet lacquer finish, styled in Papyrus and Nero grey. The leading German kitchen manufacturer is proud to showcase its heritage, offering designers and retailers the opportunity to access an unrivalled choice of high quality linear and curved kitchen furniture designed for modern living.

bora, fan, kbb, birminghamBora

Bora – The Austrian-based brand brings together physics and style, offering well designed, high quality cooktop extractor fans. Presenting an alternative to extractor hoods, the cooktop extractor fan produces a lateral flow that draws any vapours formed in pots and pans directly and completely into the vent. BORA systems are extremely well suited for the trend towards open living and kitchen spaces, since the sound of vapour being extracted fades into the background, and odours are minimised.

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Scavolini – Founded in 1961 by the Scavolini brothers, the leading Italian kitchen manufacturer has recently widened its offering by introducing bathrooms and living room furniture in its product range. Having collaborated with fashion brand Diesel in the past, to create a “creative and dynamic” kitchen display, Scavolini’s latest project called ‘foodshelf’ collaborates with French designer Ora-ïto; offering the latest-generation bookshelf, centred on a series of woodlook shelves that run the entire length of the kitchen and living area. The project set out to create a kitchen which would be truly the fulcrum of the home and capable of extending within it.