Elica launches intelligent connected cooker hoods and induction hobs

Elica, the Italian designer of high-end cooker hoods, is to use the forthcoming KBB Exhibition in Birmingham to launch STREAM, a collection of hoods and induction hobs that are capable of interacting intelligently and wirelessly with each other. The system functions by combining data from sensors within the hoods and the new range of induction hobs.  Fitted with innovative wireless technology, the hob to transmits real time information about the way it is being used to the hood, including which zones on the hob are in use, the cooking power being used and even the actual presence of pots and pans themselves.  The sensors within the hoods continuously measure the quantity of vapour, air quality and heat and this information is combined with the information from the hobs to optimise the functioning of the hoods. Even after the hob is turned off the hood continues to monitor the quality of the air inside the kitchen and automatically turns itself when extraction is no longer needed.  Elica hoods available with the new sensors include Nuance, IO Air, Diva and Belle. Hoods in the collection offer exceptionally high suction performance, making them ideal for large kitchens or cooking habits that require intensive sessions of boiling, frying and grilling. High efficiency odour filters are capable of reconditioning and lasting up to three years, compared to standard filters whose average service life is three to six months. The hoods can also be used with manual controls and are all equipped with LED lighting giving excellent illumination and energy savings of 90% compared with conventional lighting. Elica has designed its new line of hobs - LIEN – with different customers in mind.  Features standard on all models include: •    individual touch controls so each cooking zones can be monitored independently.  •    a Power Booster function  to increase power in each cooking zone should, for example, the user need to bring larger volumes of water to the boil more quickly, •    residual heat indicator •    child lock  Special features on some models include: •    Temperature manager – On these models as well as manual power control a programme can be used to set the temperature at  - 42, 74 or 92 degrees - to ensure perfect cooking. Temperature settings are optimised both for delicate cooking tasks (for example, mousses, sauces, keeping food warm) and for cooking that requires higher power (boiling).  •    Bridge zones - zones can be linked when using large pans or baking and roasting pans. •    Pot detection - The hob automatically detects the presence of pots on the cooking zones and the absence of a pot on a zone cancels the heating process, making the hob safe and reducing energy wastage.  The Elica SENSE range of beautiful hoods and hobs is the most advanced system in the world for managing the air quality in your kitchen and a true marriage of form and function. Ends.