The warmth of hospitality takes form in Scavolini's new Favilla kitchen, designed by Vuesse, with its all-Italian heritage perfectly expressing the concepts of hospitality and familiarity with refined, simple taste. Traditional yet modern, urban and shabby chic, Favilla is a chamaleon-like design capable of meeting a variety of needs for living: you can choose details with an industrial appeal or recreate the atmosphere of a country home, prefer an international style with clean lines or warm up the atmosphere with traditional, vintage notes. Its great capacity for customisation makes this kitchen a timeless design perfect for creating a simply elegant, practical space. The Favilla kitchen programme is a whole world waiting to be discovered, abounding in details that define the space around it with great personality. Key elements include an exclusive cooking block and washing block with a Matt Lacquered Iron finish, unique vintage hoods, a refined range of knobs and handles, a monoblock travertine marble or grey stone sink and a Favilla island block evoking a contemporary version of country style. Other characteristic features include a specially shaped plinth, folding doors and a hanging rack, a unique yet functional detail. The design of the Favilla kitchen also includes a dresser, shelf brackets and curved doors on wall units and cupboards, subtly evoking times gone by while offering all the conveniences of modern living. In this skilful blend of styles, Favilla customisation rules the day. Scavolini's custom-made kitchens have always added value to all the company's collections, offering an opportunity to alter numerous elements to suit clients' tastes, combining vintage and contemporary styles. Designed to suit any kind of setting and respond to a great variety of decorating needs, Favilla is available with 3 different finishes: Matt Lacquered Prestige White, Matt Lacquered Dove Grey and Knotted Oak, also available with glass doors. The company offers a selection of 11 different handles with classic and vintage finishes. And to complete the programme, Scavolini also offers a vast range of tables, chairs and stools specially designed to guarantee the utmost compositional freedom and stylistic consistency. Favilla is a green Italian-made kitchen: always aware of environmental issues, Scavolini makes the frames of this collection and all its other kitchens out of Idroleb Ecological Panels by the Mauro Saviola Group to ensure the utmost protection for the environment and consumers' health. The panels are made of 100% post-consumer wooden materials with the world's lowest formaldehyde emissions, producing emissions below the limits set by the ultra-severe Japanese F**** standard, which permits emissions of no more than 0.4 mg/l; DROLEB panels guarantee a level of 0.35 mg/l. The Idroleb panel also meets the requirements of standard V100 for moisture repellancy and guarantees maximum swelling of 10% in 24 hours. Favilla: refined yet familiar, for timeless hospitality.