"The project is based on the idea of creating a kitchen that is truly the hub of the home and that can be developed from within the space. Apart from the kitchen units themselves, it was interesting to give continuity to the home's aesthetics, which can be found in the living room, the dining room and, why not, even other domestic environments” Ora-ïto. The original and futuristic vision of Ora-ïto reinterprets the design horizons of the modern kitchen. The designer, who has approached the context of the modular kitchen for the first time, has used his ever intriguing and surprising touch to reinterpret the world of Scavolini values, with an articulate project that perfectly blends his creative genius with the Italian brand's strong experience. The new proposal, with a cosmopolitan spirit, reflects the strategic vision of Scavolini who, with a view to greater internationalisation, has chosen in recent years to collaborate with well-known names in the international design scene - in addition to Ora-ïto, Nendo, Diesel Social Team, Michael Young, Karim Rashid, King&Miranda Design and Giugiaro Design - resulting in unprecedented Made in Italy designs that will surprise you with their exclusive aesthetic, functional and technological appeal. Foodshelf by Ora-ïto is highly customisable and draws its inspiration from a redefined relationship between the kitchen and the living room. Is uniqueness is found in the reinterpretation of the functions of the living room, which Ora-ïto has transferred and extended to the kitchen as well. In this design, the living room enters the kitchen, influencing it with its composition patterns, with the play on closed and open spaces and, above all, with the dynamic approach typical of the new iconography of the home, in an attempt to assure a one-of-a-kind convergence. This takes place by breaking down the doors, especially those of the wall units - the system is mainly designed for "low" wall units, measuring 18 to 36 cm - but it does not end there. Even the base units are involved in the dimensional reinterpretation. The new open compartments, available in different colours, are another innovation, and can be freely combined with T, U and L shaped partition elements. This way, the norm is surpassed by "breaking down" these elements and abandoning the typical vertical approach that characterises the kitchen. Foodshelf has thus given rise to a "new horizontal linearity" punctuated by a series of wood-effect shelves that cross the length of the kitchen, serving different purposes as needed: in addition to the worktop, the filler strip positioned below the base units and those included in the wall units work as shelves and/or open compartments. A perfect combination of advanced functionality and minimalist but warm aesthetics, thanks to the choice of wood, this new architecture is ideal for contemporary interiors where the kitchen and living area increasingly lose their identities, becoming more "liquid" and multi-purpose, thus confirming Scavolini's desire to further unite the kitchen and living room.  The Foodshelf programme includes a wide selection of furnishing ideas for the living area with solutions that can be integrated into the kitchen or remain independent, made possible by the "Fluida" wall system or by combining individual modular cabinets, for spaces with maximum design freedom and stylistic consistency. Matt decorative melamine doors have been chosen for the new collection, and come in a range of 4 colours. Both gloss and matt lacquered doors are available, in a range of different colours to match perfectly with the wood veneer of the horizontal strips. The same finishes and colours are also available for the open compartments and other elements. The units can be opened with a specially designed handle or a recessed grip profile coloured to match the doors. In the version with the recessed grip profile, the upper part of the doors is slanted 45° to facilitate gripping. Foodshelf also includes a full range of unique proposals, such as the new open-fronted larder units, those with the concealed "switch" doors and the "Network" support for worktops. Once again, Scavolini’s constant research strives to cross the traditional boundaries of kitchen furniture, exploring new areas of intervention, aiming to perfect and increasingly coordinate the completeness and competitiveness of its offer.   Scavolini and Ora-ïto: together with an unprecedented design reflection on the modern kitchen.