Industry profile: Danny Lay, sales director, Caple


“With more than 30 years’ experience in the kitchen industry, Caple’s expert team fully understands the market and gives our customers an unrivalled service with a broad product range where style, innovation, quality and value for money are always top of our agenda,” says Caple sales director Danny Lay, who recently spoke to us about the business…

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Tell us about your background:

My father founded the company in 1976 and it continues to be a family concern. I started working in the warehouse and have always worked for the business, which means I’ve got a greater understanding of the way in which our company works. We introduced the Caple brand in 1995 and it has since become a clear market leader for producing a fresh, exciting portfolio of high performance kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinetry, sinks and taps.

Which products make up the Caple range?
We have everything you need with an extensive range of more than 200 sinks and taps and more than 50 kitchen cabinet styles. These complement our complete appliance collection, which ranges from good quality, stylish fridge-freezers and wine cabinets to high performance cooker hoods, ovens and hobs with over 200 to choose from. We have three clearly defined collections – Classic, Sense and Sense Premium.

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Which aspect of your company has contributed to its success?
I think it’s the 80-plus staff we employ and we are delighted to benefit from a huge amount of experience in the company - at Caple we keep our staff. We can rely on them and we wouldn’t be here without them.

What is the biggest challenge to the Caple brand?
We pride ourselves on leading the way with the design and technology we create for all Caple products but there are always those who will try to copy it, which means we strive to protect our design rights.

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What do you enjoy about your job?
I don’t see my job as work because I thoroughly enjoy it because I have great belief in what we’re doing. My job has never been anything other than rewarding.

How much has the Caple brand grown over the last few years?
We’ve grown very rapidly so we’re managing that increase in turnover and the market is very busy now with retail in particular looking buoyant.

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