KBB Trends of Today and Tomorrow


From bathroom sets in vibrant pinks, oranges and greens, to sleek all-black kitchen schemes, this year’s event saw kbb products spanning the full spectrum of design innovation. As the dust settles on another jam-packed kbb Birmingham, we’re taking a moment to look back on some of Houzz’s key trends from the 2020 show, before looking ahead to the possibilities of the future for the kbb community… 


Green Schemes 

Having long since waved goodbye to the ‘avocado’ toned bathrooms of the 70s, green interior schemes have come full circle to enjoy a 2020 resurgence. As Houzz reports, this year saw a rise in searches for ‘green kitchens’, increasing by 50% since 2018, along with searches for ‘green bedrooms’ and ‘green bathrooms’, which also made their way into the most popular list for the first time. At kbb Birmingham 2020, our exhibitors displayed captivating green kitchens of every shade, with a particular emphasis on green cupboard and cabinet doors. Common among the displays was an effective pairing of the green with natural stone or wood worktops. 

KBB Trends of Today and Tomorrow


Colourful Kitchens 

It doesn’t stop at green; in fact, this year has welcomed a surge in popularity among kitchens of all colours. Houzz reported ‘yellow kitchens’ to be among the popular search terms arriving on the scene this year, as well as ‘cream kitchen’, marking a step away from the classic white kitchens of recent years. As homeowners gain the confidence to step away from the safety of a monochrome palette, the kbb Birmingham 2020 show was speckled with the full spectrum of cheerful blues, oranges, pinks and greens, as seen on the stands of Caple, Febal Casa and uform, among others.  

Black Interiors 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Houzz also report dark colours becoming popular on the kbb scene this year. Searches for ‘dark’ and ‘black’ interiors appeared in their most popular list for the first time in 2019, with ‘black kitchen’ in particular increasing 46% year on year. As seen on the stands of Nobilia, Nolte Kuchen and many more, exhibitors at kbb Birmingham 2020 displayed sleek kitchens in a variety of dark shades and textures; from cabinets in slate-grey wood-effects and glossy jet-black finishes, to sumptuous dark stone countertops and tiling. As in the more colourful kitchens of neighbouring stands, the dominant black and grey tones were often paired with more natural accents of wood and stone. 

KBB Trends of Today and Tomorrow



Statement-Making Bathrooms  

At this year’s show, it wasn’t only kitchens making a statement. As Houzz’s trend forecast anticipated, ‘statement-making’ bathrooms were seen lighting up the show floor from every angle. Acquabella’s vibrant orange and pink bathroom sets and Marazzi’s spectacular floor-to-ceiling marble bathroom drew particular attention amongst 2020 visitors, with the former winning the stand award for best bathroom over 50m². Further indicating a disruption to a sanitaryware market dominated by white, RAK Ceramics launched RAK-Feeling, a sanitaryware collection in a range of unique colours, becoming the first manufacturer to launch colour into its portfolio in the UK with major intent. 

KBB Trends of Today and Tomorrow


‘Floating’ Bathrooms 

‘Baseless’ bathroom appliances, giving the impression of weightless floating, also featured heavily at kbb Birmingham 2020. With space available for housing rapidly running out, homes are only likely to decrease in size as the years go on. Utilising ‘floating’ furniture and appliances in this style frees up floor space to create the illusion of room in small areas. ‘Floating’ bathroom furniture and sanitaryware made appearances within the bathroom sets of a huge proportion of this year’s displays, including Bauformat, Laufen, RAK Ceramics, and many more. ‘Floating’ double sinks and double vanities were particularly prevalent on this year’s show floor, as exhibited by Sottini and Roca among many others.  

Looking to the future… 

A particularly pressing question for the current period, though, is how kbb design will need to evolve to facilitate changing consumer demands in the future of the ‘new world’. Though still largely the domain of speculation, is it time for the kbb community to begin considering sensor-activated taps, handle-less doors and other hygiene sensitive innovations? Will naturally anti-bacterial materials, such as copper, see a resurgence, or will consumers settle back into routines similar to those in which they operated before? Though we’re not yet in a position to predict its shape, kbb Birmingham 2022 will certainly be a new and unique experience for all.  

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