Making Pump Identification Easy


As part of Pump World’s recent website re-launch, the company have introduced an app function to make pump identification and replacement easier. The Pump World technical team are frequently sent emails from installers with photographs of a pump or system they would like to replace but are unable to identify. With Pump World's new app, installers simply enter into their Internet search bar on their Smart phone, and select the ‘Identify My Pump’ button. The app will then access the phone’s camera for instant photo upload. Installers must then fill in their email address with any helpful notes, then select Send photos. The photos will immediately arrive in the Pump World technical teams inbox where they will get back to the installer with the identity of the pump and any other information they might need. Come and see the Pump World team on Stand A82 in the new Installers and Fitters Zone at KBB Live to find out more.