The New Innovative OVVO Connection System.


The OVVO connection system will eliminate hours of frustration that comes with flat pack assembly, there will be no more use for tools, glues or screws. The concept is a push fit solution that allows two pieces of material to join together easily without the use of tools, glues or screws. The action is simple, all you have to do is them together and wait for the which indicates that the connection has been made.

It is an invisible solution with one element embedded in the material while the interlocking, self-clamping clip forms a tightly held bond between the two pieces of material being joined. The mechanical properties of the clip material used ensure a consistent pressure along the joint to always ensure a close-fitting flush finish explains company director and connection inventor Sean Phillips. Fully trained as a joiner, Sean was born into the world of carpentry: his grandfather operated a sawmill in the 1970s and 1980's, providing quality timber for industrial and domestic customers. Sean trained as a joiner and worked for a number of local companies before setting up his own furniture-making business in the  90s.

A desire to simplify the way in which boards could be joined, while retaining the integrity and robustness of the connection, led Sean to develop the OVVO connection system.

Developing the connector took many hours of painstaking thought and finessing, and the product brings a revolutionary approach to connecting materials. The main advantages of the connection system are simplicity and speed, one customer using the OVVO Connection System was able to install a coffee bar in just four hours, which would have taken two days using traditional methods.

Sean has used a bookcase to demonstrate the system to his ten year old daughter, who was then able to assemble it in less than a minute. Childs Play Video OVVO won the Manufacturing category of The Irish Times InterTrade Ireland Innovation Awards 2014, and also won an Interzum Award for Intelligent Material and Design in 2015, beating competition from many categories and industries from across Europe. OVVO&trade is delighted to have won the best in the manufacturing category, for its OVVO™ Connection System, in the Irish Times Innovation Awards.