Retail and Design conference returns to kbb Birmingham 2018


After the success at kbb Birmingham 2016, kbbreview will return to this year’s kbb Birmingham with their Retail and Design conference, giving you practical advice to grow your business in a world of change. The conversations will combine topics from this year’s show theme, through to offering practical ‘how to’ brand solutions.

Some of this year’s topics include:

4G kitchens and bathrooms - Changing social behaviours alters the meaning of ‘lifestyle’ design, the kitchen and bathroom functionality adapts to suit a change in ‘traditional’ family lifestyle. The kbb conference will explore how the need for enhanced usability can result in increased profitability for businesses. 



Smart: Advancing technologies create new design possibilities in a smart home. As device connectivity presents a huge opportunity, the conference discussions will contemplate how to weave them into your sales story and how to, get started with the smart home design.

Disruption: It’s now been 10 years since the financial crisis, and this year’s conference will investigate the impact that the recession had on the KBB sector, and what can we learn from this.


Materiality: UK consumers are continually demanding more when it comes to materials, Formica Group’s ‘Future Vision’ report, revealed at this year’s conference will give an insight into the future material and colour trends set to influence the sector.

How to: Get your projects featured in magazines, make the most of your website, create true theatre in your showroom and effectively use data to grow your business. Join a series of interactive sessions aimed at business growth and creating a powerful brand.

To be a part of the conversation, join us at kbb Birmingham 2018 – register here