schueller.C collection - Spelling success for retailers


schueller.C collection - Spelling success for retailers kbb Birmingham is the place to be to see the latest in kitchen design and innovation. While it's a competitive market, at Schueller we don't get too stressed by competition, nor do our retailers. They know that it takes more than the leading designs and the highest manufacturing standards to create sustainable growth. Sales of Schueller kitchens keep on increasing because we provide our UK retailers with a level of benefits and support that no other manufacturer can offer. 2016 is the perfect time to spell out why working with Schueller leads to success. Sales marketing - There's no better way to build consumer desire and confidence than appearing in leading interior magazines. Schueller feature in national consumer titles every month. This kind of PR   marketing is out of the reach of many independent retailers and it costs absolutely nothing. If that's not impressive enough, Schueller offers personalised branding and POS materials. 

The trick to extending your reach is to make sure that you have creative solutions for every customer and every price point. The schueller.C collection is arguably the most comprehensive in the market. With an almost endless array of cabinets, finishes, solutions and innovations, Schueller retailers can create contemporary to classic kitchens for all, dispensing with all the unnecessary complications when working with multiple brands. Holistic Schueller takes a holistic approach to kitchen manufacturing and retailing. A leading European manufacturer, family-owned Schueller understands that to create success, every element must be of equal importance and providing the very best service is paramount. Ongoing investment allows Schueller to produce innovative, high quality designs with the most advanced and efficient manufacturing processes. Kitchens are manufactured to individual order and delivered by a dedicated fleet. Every part of the process is efficient and helps retailers build their own reputation for providing the best German kitchens. Uk support Full UK support from InHouse comes hand in hand with the impressive national marketing campaign. With over thirty years in the industry, we don't just understand our retailers' needs but actively support them build reputations, increase referrals and create growth. It is our business to help you create a successful business. Leads Through our national marketing campaign, we provide a centralised number and direct leads to the right retailers.

Every showroom has an individual protected area and we work as a team to create national leads. When a customer calls, we know just the right person for them to talk to. Loyalty Schueller remains loyal to their ethos of making the best kitchens affordable to all with continued investment in marketing, manufacturing and innovation. When manufacturer, agent and retailer work together you gain unparalleled loyalty in supporting success. Euros  Schueller we always charge in Euros and InHouse has set up a partnership with World First FX for all our retailers to not only gain from the best rates online and without bank charges but it also enables them to buy in advance when the rate is good and benefit by making higher margins. Reveal The 2016 KBB Schueller stand is outstanding and it's the perfect opportunity for us to reveal how you could gain the level of support and commitment to take your business to the next level. Take a look at the basic facts: With Schüller, you can provide award-winning innovations and top-notch ranges that are surprisingly affordable. That's a pretty impressive starting point and creates an unparalleled position in the UK market. For more information contact InHouse Inspired Room Design. T: (0)1661 842304. W:  W: Press release | KBB 2016 | Stand M105

Introducing the 2016 schueller.C collection The Elba range Industrial Revolution The new Elba range, part of the 2016 schueller.C collection, introduces stunning industrially influenced design. Featuring handleless replica concrete fronts and TIP-ON technology drawer mechanisms, this new range is the perfect solution for serious cooks. Elba is a kitchen that delivers maximum punch with minimal effort. Super smooth silent motion glass climber units move from flat front to open display at the touch of a button. A nudge by the knee or tap of the finger is all it takes to open or close drawer fronts. This purist design with uniform pattern features new finishes with the appearance of dark grey concrete or ceramic terra. The new Elba range is design at its best, the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Press release | KBB 2016 | Stand M105 The Finca .

Traditionally Modern The Finca is part of Schueller's comprehensive Country collection, combining sought after German design and quality, with a traditional style kitchen perfect for the country estate. The ash wood fronts are painted in silk gloss lacquer and available in Schueller's Country colours of white, magnolia, sand grey, blue grey and new colour in sage green. The drawers and pull outs feature real wood, transferring the natural finish of this kitchen from exterior to interior. Sophisticated details such as the variable plate racks or box systems can be combined to create optimal personalisation. This country style kitchen can create further features with the use of open shelving and co-ordinating cornicing. Press release | KBB& 2016 | Stand M105 Schueller - Probably the best kitchens in the world The very best designs made affordable The Uni Gloss range introduced exceptional quality and affordability to high gloss laminate fronts in the schueller.C collection. A neutral colour palette that includes crystal white, brilliant white, magnolia, crystal grey, sand grey and stone grey is the backdrop to the most affordable high gloss designs. Creating curve appeal Schueller is always one step ahead in offering extraordinary quality, innovation and affordability. Advanced manufacturing allows for the beautiful curves in the Casa range which adds ergonomics and contemporary features to traditional country styles. The Casa range is equally at home in the period setting as it is in the modern home. The front of contemporary design Stunning high gloss lacquer fronts are the hallmark of the phenomenally successful Gala range. Available in a choice of 6 neutral colours, and additional indigo blue and lava black, Gala creates the ultimate opportunity for dramatic design. For more information contact InHouse Inspired Room Design. T: (0)1661 842304. W:  W: