Design philosophy "This new project sprang from the desire to create a horizon-free aesthetics, playing with elements on horizontal axes and discovering all the possible layouts. With an unprecedented viewpoint for the world of the kitchen”. Michael Young Michael Young’s inventive flare and passion for experimentation have created Tetrix, a ‘modular’ system with unprecedented geometrical dimensions. For a unique, creative approach to the kitchen environment. A 100% Made in Italy project that is dynamic, de-structured, absolutely contemporary, reflecting the free-and-easy style of the famous designer. A new idea of freedom of colour and composition underlies the project, which has generated an architectonically rational kitchen with an aerial, versatile structure that adapts to meet many different demands, designing geometries to measure. Tetrix has been designed on rectangular modules measuring 36x60, combined on horizontal axes according to unconventional layouts that guarantee complete customisation. Starting from the name – inspired by one of the world’s most famous video games – Tetrix recalls concepts of ‘fitting in’ and 'composition'. The doors created by applying sheets of glossy or matt tempered glass, flush-fitted to the panel result in a highly unusual decorative effect. Tetrix stands out for the unique option of having different heights of single support panels and several sheets of glass, even of different colours. The result is the possibility of having front panels that feature multi-coloured slatted effects (the panels are separated horizontally by small aluminium edging that keeps the various types of doors aligned). Tetrix thereby takes design with strong colours, mixing a palette of bold shades: it is the magic of the colour that generates a new concept of modular proportion and multi-coloured look that gives rise to chromatic contrasts laid out in lines and figures. Because it is precisely in colour that one of the key elements of the visibility of any furnishing project can be found. Tetrix also stands out for the new modularity: with two total heights of 210/215 and 246/251. The wall units are available in heights of cm. 36 and 73 cm, with the possibility of matching them in order to obtain a total wall unit height of 109. The elements above the tall units will stand 36 cm high. The peninsula and bases with heights of 36 cm are also unprecedented, as are the suspended bases (also in a corner version, with motorised rotating removable basket), the specific hood, the open units, the tall unit with low oven and steel filler strip for alignment with any adjacent tall units. Tetrix is entirely designed without handles, to meet the latest dictates of interior design. For the base units, the grip is made through a horizontal groove placed below the worktop (a version with a double groove is also available), while for the columns the grip is made through a vertical groove. Whereas the opening of the wall units is made through the shaped bottom. Motorised opening push-pull systems are also available for base, wall and tall units. The structure is Aluminium grey, the finishes for the grooves are white painted, black painted and silver coated. Tetrix also proposes the new Naturalia top, a wood fibre material (from certified European forests) and thermoset resins with a superior performance to laminate. Scavolini’s Tetrix by Michael Young: freedom and modularity for a new ideal of lightness in bold colours in the kitchen.