Top tips for exhibiting success


Our first ever kbb Birmingham exhibitor day filled the NEC with excited energy for what’s set to be our best show yet. Packed with handy hints & tips designed to maximise return on investment, take a look at team kbb’s top 5 takeaways from guest speaker Simon Naudi, CEO of Answers Training Group, as he talked best practice for exhibiting success. 

1. What does success mean to you? Whether it’s the number of direct sales achieved or entertaining your existing client base, quantify success for your business by defining measurable objectives linked to wider corporate aims… and communicate them with your kbb exhibitor team.

2. Your one chance to make a first impression. With only 12 seconds to influence your visitors’ first impressions, try uniforms, regular staff breaks, and get creative with that all important introductory question.

3. Look ‘good busy’. Occupy spare time by tidying your stand and avoid the pitfalls of ‘bad’ busy - ditch your phone and avoid the urge to take a seat.

4. Your most valuable assets. Whatever your view on the business card’s future, don’t risk losing the information you’ve worked so hard for - ensure your lead capture strategy is fit for purpose.

5. Stand out from the crowd! Believe it or not, it’s been estimated that 75% of exhibitors don’t follow up their leads post-show. Don’t be one of them! Implement a priority-based communication strategy to maximise your return on investment.

Want to know more? Contact us today for the full presentation, and find more hints & tips @kbblive #futurekbb.