‘Ultimate Bathroom Sealant’ using TRIBRID® Technology to Launch at kbb Birmingham


Eighteen years ago, CT1 introduced onto the market a Hybrid Polymer that changed the face of sealant manufacturing and marketing – a multipurpose sealant and adhesive that could provide the functions of several products, with just one formula. CT1’s demonstration of the product is legendary, and has since been imitated by multiple competitor products.

Remaining trailblazers of the building industry, CT1 are now set to launch a brand new revolutionary product at kbb Birminghamthe ‘ultimate bathroom sealant and adhesive’, BT1. Containing no unhygienic solvents or isocyanates to infiltrate your intimate surfaces, cutting-edge TRIBRID® technology ensures an environment in which it is scientifically impossible for bacteria, fungus or microbes to survive.

C-Tec BT1 Bathroom Sealant


Mould and damp caused by bacteria growth, particularly in the bathroom, can lead to respiratory problems and produce harmful allergens, irritants and toxic substances. Harnessing the latest technology in the industry to counteract these forces, BT1 can hugely decrease the risk of bacterially-caused ill health. Maintaining hygiene standards of the highest level, and having gained ETAG approval for bonding shower panels, installing shower trays, panels and all sanitaryware, BT1 is suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, and private homes alike.

Find C-Tec on Stand D65 in Hall 20 at kbb Birmingham 2020.