Why shows such as kbb 2020 are important for independents and retailers


Paul Wheeler headshot

Paul Wheeler is Sales Director MHK UK. MHK will return to kbb Birmingham this year to showcase its unrivaled benefits and first-class services for independent retailers. Visit stand M105 to learn more about how becoming a member can grow profitably.

For retailers, time is precious and the ability to take a day or two out of a busy schedule to visit a show is something that takes careful consideration.

The old Confucius saying goes “True wisdom is knowing what you don't know” and in the spirit of the saying, whilst time has a cost, the benefits of finding out what you don’t know could be priceless.

This is why KBB Birmingham is still the pre-eminent KBB show for kitchen independents, centrally located and well supported by the industry. There is no better place to see such a broad range of products and suppliers under one roof, offering the opportunity to see first-hand the latest innovations.


So, when visiting the show, how should you decide who to spend your valuable time with?  It is important to support the suppliers you already have relationships with.  Without a doubt your business managers do a great job of keeping you up to date with developments, but often the newest innovations are kept back and unveiled at the show. 

KBB represents a great opportunity to get a sense of the collective direction the industry is taking. To get the best value from your time, it is worth tracking down the industry disruptors - those with new ways of doing things, or those offering a more efficient way of doing something you already do.  Some innovations may be very early in their life cycle, but the innovations of today will be developed and refined and become the must-have product of tomorrow.

The best specialist kitchen retailers are united in their desire to offer customers the best products and the best experiences, ensuring their customers’ changing needs can be met and offering a point of difference from competitors.

As an ex-showroom owner, my advice to retailers is simple: take some time to research the exhibitors before you visit,  decide what you want to get out of the show, and when making your visit list ask yourself some questions:

  • Is there a product missing from my offering which means I am turning away customers that I have worked hard to get into my showroom? 
  • Do I have a product that works well, leading me to need to evaluate competitor products to see where my unique selling points are?
  • Am I seeing my market develop and customer needs change, and therefore do I need to look for a product to meet that need?
  • Should I look for add on products that keep my customers in my showroom?
  • Should I look for innovative services that make my sales process faster, easier or more efficient?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, there is sure to be something at the show that will enhance your customer offering, make you more efficient and more profitable, but you need to hunt it down.

When you are at KBB, and if you answered yes to the above, you should also visit the MHK stand. Why? Because KBB happens every other year, but at MHK we do the above for our members every day.

The MHK stand is in Hall 18, stand M105. Don’t miss out on the innovative products and services to elevate your business!