Wirquin, an international company

AN INTERNATIONAL GROUP A family business founded in 1977 by Daniel Le Coënt, WIRQUIN manufactures sanitaryware products and accessories for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.  The company has grown steadily for 39 years, and in 2014 achieved a turnover of more them 130 million Euros generated by 1,400 employees driven by their corporate values: team spirit, respect, sharing, and performance.  Always at the forefront of innovation, the group designs 15 new products a year making life easier for the end user, helping installers to be more professional and improving stock rotation for the distributors.  To achieve this the Group invests 5% of its annual turnover in Research and Development. As the company has grown, Wirquin has strengthened its roots in France while developing its international subsidiaries.  Today the Group has 10 subsidiaries worldwide, including 6 factories   Wirquin Ltd factory, Doncaster Wirquin is a leading European sanitary equipment specialist offering the renowned brands Celmac and Macdee. The innovatively designed and manufactured product range includes toilet seats, flushing mechanisms, cisterns, connectors, frames, wetrooms and wastes. Wirquin employs 199 people in Doncaster, among them 185 are working within the factory. Wirquin currently manufactures using four different 4 technologies : Injection, Compression, Extrusion and blow moulding. Strategical decisions have lead to the implementation of projects to improve logistics and all the different steps of the life of the product : “Lean Manufacturing” enables therefore a better management the from the conception of a product to its delivery to the final customer.   WIRQUIN’S BRANDS Celmac Wirquin : Tried and trusted since 1890 Celmac Wirquin is one of the leading toilet seat manufacturers in the UK. It produces over 1 million pieces a year to a wide range of design and technical specifications. Celmac Wirquin is historically renowed for the 1930’s black crescent shaped school seat with the gap in the front (Crescent), as well as setting the BS1254 Type 1 (Sonata) and the BS1254 Type 2 (Emerald) which are still manufactured at the Doncaster based plant. Alongside the more traditional designs, Celamc Wirquin also offers contemporary seat designs including bespoke images. As a leading manufacturer, Celamac Wirquin offers a wide choice of material (thermoset, thermoplastic and MDF) as well as a wide range of hinges, including smooth close and quick release   functions to match any customer requirements.   Macdee Wirquin : The professional’s choice Macdee Wirquin provides installers with a wide range of flushing mechanisms, frames, cisterns, wastes, traps, connectors and wetrooms. All products are designed and produced with the installers and end user in mind – ensuring they are quick and easy to install, cost effective, robust, reliable and guarantee to last. A full range of flushing valves, inlet valves, siphons and kits are WRAS approved to meet standard regulations and customers’ requirements to save water and money. CERTIFICATION New products meet all national and international quality standards.  Before they are launched all products are tested and checked under conditions of normal use (for flow-rate, seal, endurance, installation instructions etc) by a team of technicians to ensure optimum quality for the consumer. Wirquin is committed to the environment through working to ISO14001 which ensures a responsible approach by all employees, for example using recycled paper, sorting waste, and saving energy and resources.   WIRQUIN Ltd HAS BEEN CERTIFIED ISO9001 FOR MORE THAN 15 YEARS Through rigorous analysis of our management system, this approach ensures the quality of the processes we have implemented.  The objective of ISO9001 is to increase customer satisfaction, enabling us to provide a level of quality that corresponds to their needs and requirements.