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Laminates continue to dominate UK kitchen and bathroom worktop markets


Content partners AMA Research recently released a report highlighting key trends within the kitchen and bathroom worktop market. Ahead of kbb Birmingham 2018, we took a look at a few below:

The kitchen and bathroom worktop market has seen a solid growth of around 4-5% over the past few years (2014-2018), estimated to be worth around £220m in 2017. This sector has therefore grown fractionally faster than the overall kitchen furniture and overall bathroom product market.

Consumer awareness is high within the kitchen worktops market, with purchasing decisions being dependent on design, styles, colours and materials, influenced by the changing role of the kitchen within the home.

High gloss laminates, solid surfaces and quartz are increasing in popularity, however the affordability and versatility of laminates mean they're likely to continue to dominate the market in the forseeable future.

There is a trend towards trading up to higher value materials and products in the worktop sector - it is likely that this trend will continue depending on the impact of the Brexit process on the economy.

Laminates are dominant within both markets - making up over half of all kitchen worktops installed by value and over 80% by volume. This share has declined notably in recent years, accelerated by the development of stone and engineered stone products like granite and quartz. Laminates also make up over 60% of worktops in the bathroom sector in terms of value.

Forecasts for the worktop markets are positive with steady growth anticipated over the next 3-4 years, driven by continued growth in the new housing market.

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