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The Wellness Room

At kbb Birmingham, event welfare is very important to us. 

Conferences and events are vibrant and dynamic environments, brimming with opportunities for learning and exploration. However, they can also be overwhelming, exhausting, and triggering for many individuals due to the constant stimulation and outward-facing nature.

This year we are working with EventWell® to offer individuals the time and space they need to calm their sensory and nervous systems, allowing them to decompress and find respite. 

Find our wellness room in office 17, behind stand R62

About EventWell®

EventWell is a UK-based not for profit social enterprise that focuses on promoting mental health and wellbeing within the events industry. They provide event services, support, resources, and training to help event professionals manage stress, improve mental health, and create a healthier work-life balance. EventWell also raises awareness about mental health issues in the events industry and advocates for better support and understanding within the sector.

EventWell's quiet rooms are dedicated spaces designed to provide a calm and quiet environment for attendees and individuals who may need a break or a moment of respite during events. These rooms are specifically created to cater to the needs of individuals who may be experiencing sensory overload, anxiety, or other mental health challenges, and are intended to be safe spaces where individuals can take a break from the noise, crowds, and stimulation of the event environment.