UK bathroom market experiences growth across all sectors


We took a look at another of the press releases from AMA Research, highlighting key trends within the UK bathroom market.

The UK bathroom market is heavily influenced by the housebuilding, commercial and RMI sectors - as a result, the bathroom market has remained relatively stable in recent years with more moderate growth rates predicted going forward.

Following a decline in 2012, the bathroom market in the UK started to steadily recover in 2013, and has since experienced sustained growth.

Estimated at over £320m in 2017, baths and sanitary-ware are by a significant margin the largest sector of the bathroom products market by value; followed by bathroom accessories, taps and mixers, bathroom furniture and finally whirlpool/spa systems.

AMA Research

Sales of baths & sanitary-ware continued on an upward trend in 2017, and the sector is estimated to experience a reduced growth of around 2% in 2018.

The market for taps & mixers has seen strong growth since 2014 onwards with a peak of 6% in 2016. Slightly lower growth rates of 3-4% are currently forecast until 2020.

The bathroom furniture sector has experienced solid growth from 2014 onwards. In 2016 this sector achieved growth rates of 3% - similar levels of growth are predicted up until 2020.

The market for bathroom accessories has seen modest growth since 2013, with 3% growth estimated in 2017. Similar levels of growth are predicted in the short term.

The whirlpools & spas market remains relatively small, with a market penetration of just 2% - this low penetration combined with the high value of products means the sector has large growth potential.

When designing their bathrooms, homeowners are increasingly investing in co-ordinating product designs that offer both longevity and luxury. Design has gained importance in commercial applications such as schools and hospitals in a shift towards more domestic orientated styling.

The growth of showering is likely to add more pressure to the baths sector; around 90% of homes have at least one shower. In bathroom installations such as ensuites, householders are beginning to favour shower enclosures and wetroom areas at the expense of baths.

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