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Sustainability At kbb Birmingham

At kbb Birmingham, our focus is on promoting sustainability and working collaboratively with our exhibitors, partners, and community to lead the way in driving positive change.

Sustainability guides our decisions, events, and daily operations. We evolve through insight, innovation, and collaboration, aiming for a positive impact on communities and industries.

We are committed to implementing sustainable practices and making a meaningful impact on our environment.

Better Stands Initiative

Better Stands is our landmark campaign to reduce the waste that stands and booths at exhibitions can create. We are working with customers to phase out all disposable stands at our EMEA events by 2024.

Plus, we are looking to expand this initiative to other regions and by co-ordinating with our peers and partners in the industry.

Better Stands also shows how sustainable business can be better business too. Reusable structures not only reduce waste but they can reduce the time it takes to construct and take down stands, reduce the cost of design and construction and allow for investment in higher quality and more successful stands.


Inspiring Sustainability

Environmentally Responsible

Socially Responsible


Embed sustainability into our brand by 2025 to inspire the KBB Industry to be more sustainable, promoting the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:


  • Sustainability requirements are incorporated into all of our tenders and contracts.
  • We are switching to sustainable materials, such as our signage which is made out of renewable materials and cut down on our printed show materials. 
  • We carefully design our feature areas so that they create minimal waste.

Become carbon neutral, halve our waste and save customers more carbon than we emit by 2025 as a stepping stone to being zero waste and net zero carbon by 2030 or earlier by:

  • Implementing our Better Stands Initiative by working with exhibitors to phase out all disposable stands at our EMEA events by 2024. 
  • Making sure our stakeholders are aware of our initatives and are promoting them.
  • Shouting about sustainable practices across our social media and on our blog, giving tips to our community and shining a light on eco-friendly brands.

Contribute value of at least 1% of profit before tax to community groups by 2025, champion diversity and inclusion and create value for our host cities by:


  • Partnering with The Used Kitchen Company each year to make recycling of stands easier for our exhibitors.
  • Last year Informa supported over 50 different charities.
  • By supporting our charity partners with our business resources, skills, and by raising money.

Work with us to Create a More Sustainable Event

If you would like to work with us on the sustainability of our event or have any questions please contact us.